Technology in classrooms isn't anything new.

But the way our teachers are using it is.

Every day, technology helps parents, teachers, schools, and students do what they do best. It's just one tool they can use—but it's a powerful one.​

About the Project

Every day, educators are using technology to engage students, involve parents, and enable great teaching in their classroom. At home, parents are using technology to support their children and stay in the loop. We know technology can't solve every problem, but it can support teachers, engage students, and empower parents.

The Smarter Schools Project was launched to highlight the exciting ways that schools and families are using technology to meet their needs. In the process, we hope to spark a conversation among parents, educators, and innovators about their hopes, concerns and goals for technology in education.


Beyond Pencils

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Tech Tools Help Students With Disabilities Thrive
May 18, 2016

Since it opened in 1931, the A. Harry Moore School...

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Success Stories

Teachers and students are already doing amazing things in the classroom with technology. From providing new ways of learning, to creating more opportunities for communication and collaboration, teachers and students are using digital tools in inspiring ways.

Featured Case Studies

Boothbay Regional High School

Understanding the college application and financial aid process is hard—no matter what your background. But for students whose parents...

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Stanton Elementary

Stanton Elementary, a high-poverty school in Washington DC’s Southeast neighborhood, has been one of the lowest performing schools in...

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