Beyond Pencils

Increasing Student Ownership by Using Data

January 27, 2015
In my special education class, students rotate between centers—each providing a different way of teaching and learning.  In one center, students work on their own.  In another, I provide instruction to a small group of students.  In the third center-- their favorite—students work with an adaptive computer program. In this blended rotational model, while some of the students are working on the computer, program, I am providing individual attention to other students.  As a result, I monitor how students are progressing in multiple ways—from one-on-one interactions in our small group...

Using Technology to Meet Students Where They Are

November 20, 2014
As any teacher will tell you, education is an ever-evolving field. There are always new ‘best practices’ for educating children. Within recent years, I have seen an explosion in the use of technology in classrooms. I started the 2014 school year with a new position as a special education teacher in a technologically robust charter school. I was not used to having so many available resources; it was quite an overwhelming feeling. Bringing technology into the classroom seemed very intimidating at first. Many questions ran through my mind: What programs do I use? How do I manage my classroom?...