Beyond Pencils

Teach Me How to Factor: Creating a Math Craze

May 14, 2015
One of the biggest keys to success in our schools is to support teachers in their effort to build personal relationships with their students and to engage them. Teachers have been doing this for years inside of the classroom, but technology now gives them the ability to connect and reach students at all moments of the day. Between websites, YouTube videos, Twitter, and other forms of social media, teachers are able to connect and reach out to their students in ways that were not even possible a little over ten years ago. The effect that teachers can have on their own students, their school,...

What do students know? Let's find out!

January 14, 2015
Those not familiar with today’s public schools may simply view technology in the classroom as a student sitting in front of a computer screen watching a video or taking an online quiz. However, teachers and students are currently experiencing technology in education in a way that makes learning more accessible, engaging, and customizable for each student. As teachers, we are constantly working to understand what our students know and can do. There are several ways we check for understanding--  calling on students in class or giving quizzes or tests, for example. The information we get as a...

Using Student Feedback To Inform Teaching And Change Lesson Plans

November 10, 2014
With all the talk about public education seemingly focused on testing and the subsequent results, a very important aspect of the testing process is often overlooked. How can teachers use the feedback to make informed decisions to alter their instruction and better suit the needs of their students? Also, when do teachers have the time to do this? One solution is for teachers to use technology to aid them in this process.   Most recently, I had taught a lesson in AP Calculus requiring students to use the chain rule. The chain rule is a process that requires students to understand how to find...