Beyond Pencils

Three Tips to Prepare High School Students for the Future

June 22, 2015
We hear it often. Employers want college graduates with critical thinking skills, and colleges want students to have developed these skills before they arrive on campus. High schools have a big responsibility to prepare students for success in college and beyond. Technology can help. Teachers in Denton, TX are using technology to help students explore the relationship between problems and the questions they raise–a process known as inquiry-based learning. Like teachers around the country, we have found that savvy use of readily available tech tools can help improve student engagement and...

Digging Deeper With Technology

February 03, 2015
Teachers are often the writers of questions, which is important. But what happens if you let students write the questions? What could be learned about what students already know if the questions come from them? What can students learn about how they think if they write the questions used in class discussion and further study? In my sophomore and junior history classes, students write questions at the beginning of a lesson cycle. It’s an exercise that allows them to become more aware of their thought process that occurs as they try to understand the demands of a problem. It’s a brainstorm...