Beyond Pencils

An Administrator Perspective: Social Media as a Professional Development Tool

March 07, 2015
In my last blog post, I reviewed several lessons that I have learned about maximizing traditional professional development for teachers and administrators. Today, I would like to discuss Lesson 3: Ways in which social media plays a role in expanding access to and opportunities for professional learning. Lesson 3: Becoming a connected educator, teacher or administrator, is an invaluable professional development strategy that should be encouraged. Let’s be honest for a minute here, for most of us, moving toward technology rich environments in our schools is new territory. There may be only...

Professional Development as a Building Block

February 11, 2015
  In my last blog post, I reviewed several lessons that I have learned about integrating technology as an administrator. Today, I would like to revisit Lesson 4, Professional Development: Lesson 4: Consider implementing opportunities for differentiated professional development to reach the needs of all teachers. Structures such as edcamps, unconferences and flipped professional development can provide teachers with just right and just in time professional development. After careful reflection, I realized that I should rephrase lesson 4. It should read: Consider opportunities for...

Building the Foundation: An Administrator's Perspective on Technology in Schools

December 09, 2014
Seven years ago, after sixteen years in the classroom, I made the career choice to become an administrator. (You may be wondering why, but that is a story for another day.) With no one available to mentor me, or to explain the differences between being a classroom educator and being an instructional administrator, I came to the realization that the only way to fully articulate my vision, my mission, and strategies was through structural change. As in my previous position, my goal was to empower the entire spectrum of students to excel, within the classroom and without. What I quickly learned...