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Collaborating Through Tech for Teacher Appreciation Week

May 06, 2016

As Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close, everyone from kindergarten students to President Obama is showing some love to their favorite educators. But Smarter Schools contributor Kerry Gallagher wants to remind teachers to take the time to thank one another as well – and as she puts it, “the best way to demonstrate gratitude is to offer to collaborate.” That’s why in honor of this week, Gallagher has a few tips for how teachers can work together, and how technology can help them join forces across classrooms.

Gallagher breaks down her suggestions into four different sections. Teachers can Co-Plan and Co-Write by designing lessons or projects together, and tech tools like Google Docs (or even texting!) can help them share ideas and inspire one another. Co-Teaching helps students to make the most of tech, since one teacher can focus on troubleshooting or keep an eye on laptop screens while the other gives instruction. And last but not least, Gallagher encourages her fellow teachers to consider Co-Presenting. Whether at a big conference or an ordinary school day, digital tools like Prezi or Weebly can help teachers collaborate to build something creative and engaging for their audience, whoever it may be.

Working together isn’t just great for professional development – it also has a big impact on the student experience. And technology can help support teacher teamwork, making it easier and more engaging to plan, present, and teach together. This is a week for us all to thank our teachers, and Gallagher says it best: “Nothing inspires gratitude like truly collaborative work.”