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Edtech for Earth Day

April 15, 2016

Next Friday marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, when people around the world come together to discuss new ideas and solutions for tackling environmental issues. This year’s initiatives cover a wide range of issues facing our planet, from planting trees to finding new energy sources to making cities 100% renewable. But what does Earth Day have to do with technology? In order to preserve the environment, we first have to learn about it – which is why Apple and the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation have created iPad-based Earth Day lessons to help students explore the world around them.

The six Earth Day lessons offer a step-by-step guide for exploring the environment through technology. In the World Water Monitoring Challenge, students can use eBook apps to research Earth’s waterways, then design a challenge for their school and create informational posters using the Pages app. The Backyard BioBlitz encourages students, teachers, and even families to become “citizen scientists,” documenting their neighborhood ecosystems using the iPad camera. Throughout the process, the site provides quick links to books and apps that can help students navigate the lessons successfully.

Thanks to apps like iNaturalist and iTunes U, it’s easier than ever for students to access resources that help illuminate the world around them. This Earth Day, students can put those tools to work with lessons that focus on some of the most pressing issues facing our environment. You can give them a try here – enjoy, and happy Earth Day!