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Exploring a Paperless Classroom

October 23, 2015

In the third part of our video series on technology in schools, we’re taking a look at a teacher who transformed her classroom for the 21st century. Kerry Gallagher of Reading, MA, has done more than just bring tech to her class: she’s gone totally paperless.


What does a paperless classroom look like? If you visited one like Kerry’s, you would probably hear it before you saw it - there’s always music playing (her favorites are classical and Top 40), not to mention plenty of noise from the groups of students working on different projects around the room. Students choose their own groups and sit at clusters of desks arranged around the room, with devices either brought from home or borrowed from the library. They use their tablets and laptops for everything from taking notes to watching videos to zooming in on famous works of art.

Kerry’s commitment to paperless teaching led to a revolution in the way her class works. And the teacher? She can be part of the action too. As Kerry put it, “It isn’t obvious who’s doing the teaching and who’s doing the learning - we’re kind of all in it together.” Her use of tech has changed not just the materials her students use, but the entire way they learn, and her paperless approach has helped her create a classroom like none other.

Check out her video below: