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Georgia District Keeps On Innovating

March 30, 2016

Teachers in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are no rookies when it comes to technology in the classroom. For the past three years, they’ve looked carefully at student data to identify kids who are at risk of not graduating and to help keep teachers updated on student progress. But while they may be experienced with using digital tools, that hasn’t stopped Gwinnett County from continuing to seek out new ways to empower their teachers and students with technology. This innovative district is always looking to use technology to make a difference, and their latest project hopes to take student support to a whole new level.

One of Gwinnett County’s biggest goals this year has been upgrading their data analytics system, which pinpoints students who are at risk of not graduating. This secure tool already gives teachers detailed info about the challenges students face – everything from chronic absences to academic struggles to disciplinary issues. But district leaders don’t want to just identify the problem: their goal is to help provide solutions. Chief Information Officer Frank Elmore calls this “one of our more cutting-edge approaches” – using data to give teachers specific suggestions about what kinds of support students need most, as well as when and how to provide that support. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s just one of the many new projects that Gwinnett County hopes to bring to life.

Graduation rates in Gwinnett County have been on a steady rise for the last few years, and district leaders are optimistic that technology will keep them headed in the right direction. The story of this Georgia district is an important reminder for any school community that uses technology – even if you’ve already got a great system in place, there’s no end to what data can do.