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Snow Day Tech Solution

January 09, 2015

Winter weather is in full swing, and at the slightest hint of snow, most students are up and excitedly scanning weather reports and the television screen for school closings and the chance of a day off. For teachers and administrators though, snow days mean adjusting plans and assignments to get the students caught up again. (And no one feels quite so excited about closings when they remember that the district is two snow days away from losing its spring break- or making up classes on Saturdays.)


One district in Minnesota came up with a brilliant way to use technology to avoid falling behind because of the weather.  Last winter, Farmington Schools began using iPads and flexible learning days throughout the year to keep students on track.  On snow days, teachers post work by 10:00 AM for their students on the school learning platform, and students use their iPads to complete their school work at home.  The district worked with parents, using their feedback to improve the process, and last spring, Farmington Schools were able to finish the school year on time, having made up four of six missed days through flexible learning days.