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Social Media for Teachers

August 21, 2015

Social media is a great way to engage students, and can help enhance your network of contacts and engage you in important discussions on education. But it’s also important to know what’s appropriate to post, how to control access, and how to safeguard digital privacy for you and your class. Interested in trying some of their social media strategies yourself? Already started, but have questions? Well, Smarter Schools has you covered!

And by Smarter Schools … we actually mean Smarter Schools Project contributor Kerry Gallagher, who partnered with Larry Magid, Co-founder and CEO of (and a tech journalist) to write The Educator’s Guide to Social Media. It’s a handy, accessible PDF that covers everything you could possibly have questions about, like using social media for professional development, modeling good digital citizenship, protecting student privacy, interacting with parents and colleagues … and, of course, using social media in the classroom.

What kinds of things are appropriate for Facebook versus Twitter? How can you arrange account settings to ensure your and your students’ privacy? When should you ask parents to sign a waiver giving their permission for photos of their children to be posted online? How do you balance connecting with your students outside the classroom and respecting their online space? Find out!

ConnectSafely also offers a list of useful sites and apps for educators – check them out here