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Taking Students on a Virtual Safari

January 23, 2015

It can be challenging to get kids engaged in environmental or earth science from the classroom – especially now, in the middle of winter. (We don’t know about you, but here at Smarter Schools Project we are so over the cold and snow.)


On February 5, Nature Works Everywhere, a site run by the Nature Conservancy, is partnering with PBS to give teachers and students a new way of experiencing the outdoor world—with a live, virtual field trip to the deserts and grasslands of Africa.  Through YouTube, students will have the opportunity to “meet” an African farmer who developed innovative ways to help his land recover from desertification, and will learn about Kenya’s wildlife.

In addition to the virtual field trip, PBS and Nature Works Everywhere also provide additional resources for teachers to help them extend the learning beyond the digital field trip.   Interested in taking your class on a virtual safari? Sign up on the Nature Works Everywhere page!


Photo Credit: "Lioness with Cubs" by Valentina Stortl is licensed under CC BY 2.0