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Teacher Tech Pros Share Stories and Ideas

February 29, 2016

It’s always exciting to share stories about the power of technology in education – and even more of a thrill to bring those ideas to a national audience. Last week, the Smarter Schools Project teamed up with Education Week’s Rick Hess to do just that. Over the course of the week, the education news site featured four Smarter Schools teachers as guest bloggers, offering lessons and advice from their personal experiences with tech in the classroom. Didn’t catch the articles last week? Here’s a quick rundown:

Data Brings Parents and Teachers Together: Digital Learning Specialist Kerry Gallagher suggested four different ways that teachers and parents could communicate digitally, from teacher websites to open online gradebooks. As she put it, “opening up frequent lines of communication through the use of technology ensures that students have the support they need both in the classroom and at home.”

Professional Learning for the 21st Century: Paula Dillon, the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in Barrington, RI, shared her thoughts about how tech can lead to a “professional development makeover.” With seven suggestions, Dillon stressed the importance of making teacher growth an active, collaborative process.

Engaging Students in Current Events Through Tech: First-year social studies teacher Erin Green of Austin, TX, uses digital devices to encourage her students to be politically active. She shared her experience with a program called Newsela, which she uses to help her students ask deep questions about real-life events and seek out answers by following the news online.

How Tech Leads to Success: Austin-based digital learning coordinator Matt Worthington offered his advice on how technology can help us create a brighter future for students. He urged educators to be “courageous, open to transformation, and committed to providing our students with a future-ready education.”

Many thanks to Rick Hess and Education Week for a great week of collaboration! We’re always on the lookout for new teacher voices to share tech stories – will you be next? Contact if you’re interested!