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Teachers who Make Technology Count

January 30, 2015

We know that educators around the country (and the world!) use technology in amazing ways.  That’s why we loved this recent article that highlighted some amazing uses of technology.

When high school social studies teacher Shawn McCusker gave students the option of using their iPads to record a presentation on industrial-age philosophers instead of writing an essay, one student (so shy she hid in the bathroom when her video was shown to the class) not only produced a video, she asked to continue working on it even after the graded portion of the project was over. She later published it to YouTube, where it’s now the top result for “Adam Smith Karl Marx.”

Kristen Paino, a middle school teacher in New York, collects stories from around the world about schools and communities, written by teachers and educators.  The combined stories are published (using the BookCreator app) as part of her Global Book Series.  These books give her students a chance to read first-hand descriptions of classrooms across the world, as well as show them how students from different countries can work together to produce something creative and learn from each other. (Her students are also much more interested in their geography lessons now.)

Finally, instead of giving a test or a quiz, one Japanese language teacher simply asked students to prepare a presentation that demonstrated their mastery of the assigned vocabulary and idioms.  Students recorded their own Iron Chef-style cooking show, and retained the vocabulary for years after the class.