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Tech Tools for Little Learners

January 16, 2015

Teaching students responsible and productive use of technology doesn’t have to start in middle or high school. Starting as early as PreK, students can use technology on a limited basis to support and reinforce skills that they’re already learning— academic skills as well as interpersonal or digital safety skills.

Pennsylvania’s Belmont Hills Elementary School and one of its feeder preschools show how to use technology in appropriate ways for each age group, Pre-K through 3rd grade. Younger students begin with limited technology use, learning to take turns and share while passing a tablet back and forth to unscramble words on the app Magnetic ABC’s. As they get older, they progress to using tools like Dreambox (a math program that allows each child to work at his or her own pace) and tackling online research and presentations that they share with the class. Along the way, teachers can take the opportunity to share early concepts of web safety and digital citizenship.