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Veteran Teacher Champions Change

January 27, 2016

Diane Harris of Midland, Texas, has been teaching for 35 years, and she’s seen it all. Take edtech, for instance: Harris remembers “when the only technological tool we had was the overhead projector and the purple ditto machine.” But even though technology has changed significantly since she started teaching, that doesn’t keep her from wanting to try something new. As part of her school’s leadership team, Harris leads the charge as her school adopts tools for learning in the 21st century.

The Lead4ward team at Jones Elementary, where Harris teaches, is a group of teachers who help their colleagues learn and develop innovative teaching strategies. And even though Harris will be the first to tell you that tech isn’t her strongest suit, she understands just how meaningful it can be for getting students “more engaged in their learning.” She’s a strong supporter of the “bring your own device” program in her class, and uses Kahoot to play learning games with her students. Not only that, but Harris is a pro at making the most of student data, pulling out the most meaningful info to help her students set personalized goals and reflect on their own progress.

Since she began teaching, Harris has seen plenty of teaching solutions come and go. Through it all, she keeps an open mind and jumps into every new initiative with enthusiasm and the desire to see it through. And as far as she’s concerned, tech is here to stay, and it’s her job to stick with it. “Technology is the wave of the future,” says Harris, “and I want my students to have the opportunity to experience it in my classroom.”